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Hazardous Waste Management Documents Page Updated on 4/16/2015

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The documents listed below are available in PDF format and/or as Microsoft Word files. If you need help downloading, printing, or entering data for any of these documents, please view the Download Instructions and Uniform Document Questions and Answers pages.

(Rev. Date)
Hazardous Materials/Waste Aboveground Storage Area Inspection Form

Form which can be used by facility to document required self-inspections.

Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan

Complete this document if you are required by State hazardous waste regulations to have a Contingency Plan. (Note: If you have already completed the Unidocs Hazardous Materials Business Plan, you have already satisfied this requirement and do not have to complete this stand-alone version.)
Hazardous Waste Point of Generation Accumulation Requirements  

HazWaste compliance requirements for facilities that operate solely under point-of-generation (i.e., satellite) accumulation.
Hazardous Waste Tank System Requirements for Large Quantity Generators and Onsite Treatment Facilities  

Compliance requirements for Large Quantity Generator (LQG) facilities and facilities that engage in onsite treatment of hazardous waste under California "Tiered Permit" requirements for the Conditional Exemption (CE), Conditional Authorization (CA), and/or Permit by Rule (PBR) onsite treatment tiers.
Hazardous Waste Tank System Written Assessment Temporary Exemption Application

Application form for submittal to a CUPA that is a Unidocs member agency to request temporary exemption (up to 36 months, at CUPA's discretion) from requirement to have a written HazWaste tank system assessment prepared. See Hazardous Waste Tank System Requirements for Large Quantity Generators and Onsite Treatment Facilities for details.
Laboratory Hazardous Waste Treatment Guidelines

Specific waste management guidelines for laboratory facilities that treat lab hazardous waste on-site.
Management of Wastes Generated at Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Facilities

Specific waste management guidelines for gas stations and fleet fueling facilities.
Small Automotive Repair Facility Requirements

Document to assist owners or operators of small automotive repair facilities with California hazardous waste management requirements.